Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Truck

1. You Have the Power - Silverado can top out at around 400 HP!   #pride 

2. You Can Tow Stuff -  Trailers, for work or camping.  Your buddies car. 

3. You Can Haul Stuff -  Craigslist finds..  Flea market finds...  World Market hauls..  your dogs! 

4. You Can Seriously See Stuff - Better visibility is one undeniable reason for owning a truck!  Seeing over that hedge is important.  Reaching right over to the drive up window at Starbucks.. Safety first, people. 

5. You'll Add a Bit of Adventure to Your Life - Come on, who doesn't want to tear up that muddy back road on the way to work?!  You'll be able to head to the outdoors and show it who's boss literally anytime you want! 

OK one more.. 6.   You'll Just be Happier!  Your daily commutes will be more comfortable and  fun, you'll get more jobs done and road trips will be so much more adventurous.     No wonder Trucks are Top sellers in the U.S.!        #TruckLove  


Been thinking of a NEW Truck for the winter? Chevrolet is offering some pretty sweet 2017 Closeout Incentives on a new Silverado 4wd All Star!      
$4,755 Price Reduction Below MSRP
$2,500 Total Cash Allowance
+$750 Option Package Discount
$8,005 Total Value†
Ask me about tips for the test drive!    


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