Cars and memories..

I LOVE CARS. Or rather, I love the way cars can make you feel.  

I remember when I was little, laying in my bed next to the window, early in the morning when my dad would get ready to go to work.  LITERALLY PRAYING that I would hear the sound of our 1984 Chevy Suburban’s 454 big block roar to life, instead of that embarrassing ’83 Malibu station wagon. For the Love, please do not drop me off at school in the station wagon!  It was bad enough that my mom thought it would be extra funny to “race” it when we saw somebody I knew. I honestly couldn’t hit that floorboard fast enough!

Fast forward many years…   one of my own favorite cars may or may not be a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan we affectionately named the Silver Bullet!    We could shove a 9 ft long paddle board in the back AND SHUT THE LIFTGATE!  Right?  Boom.

Still, some of the most memorable times have always been attached to what car we were driving and what was playing on the janky old stereo. Can I get some Air Supply up in here?

My goal is to offer advice, reviews and services to help you find the best car for whatever “season of life” you’re in now.  Whether it be a sporty 2 door, a kid toting SUV/minivan/luxury wagon or a jacked up Jeep..     It’ll be a smart, fun process to finding a car that’s perfect for your memories!

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2018 Nissan Maxima

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